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Dining & Social at Porters Neck

Elevate your club experience

Porters Neck Country Club is thrilled to announce the grand opening of  the first of many new amenities added to the membership experience in 2018.This light and airy space has not only doubled the number of members that we can service at a setting but includes wine cabinets, the largest draft selection of any Club in North Carolina and a dining experience that is unique to the warm and friendly atmosphere that has come to define Porters Neck.An expanded wine list, new menus, and a friendly face to greet you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

”We were surprised by not only the number of social programs but the incredibly variety! Whether you are married or single, there is definitely something here for everyone! My personal favorite are the Live Music Events. ”

Bill & Susan

Welcome to Porters!

Think you know Porters Neck Country Club? Please allow us to reintroduce you! 2018 is a year of reinvention for Porters Neck as we create a new dining experience for the members of our Club. See for yourself! Contact Mandy Shuffler at 910-686-8180 for a tour. See you soon! 

Social Events at Porters Neck 

At Porters Neck, there is truly something for everyone. From social clubs to specialty trips organized just for our members, Porters Neck Country Club is the place to be!

Porters Neck is The Place to Be!

Porters Neck Country Club is a community of friends and that couldn't be reflected any better than it is in our social calendar. See for yourself! Click on the photo below for the latest edition of our Club Magazine!

Junior Programs & Family Social Events

Families and Juniors at Porters Neck Country Club enjoy a  wide variety of year round programs that involve sports, education and entertainment! Learn more about our junior programs by clicking on the link to their magazine, the  'Pirate Post', below!